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In developing the NOF Nursing Core Competencies, the Competency Committee identified a set of assumptions to serve as a framework for its work and as guiding principles for the design of a competency-based education and practice partnership model. The assumptions include the following:

  • Education and practice partnerships are key to developing an effective model.
    • Nursing education and practice settings should facilitate individuals in moving more effectively through the educational system
    • An integrated practice/education competency model will positively impact patient safety and improve patient care
    • Nursing practice should be differentiated according to the registered nurse’s educational preparation and level of practice and further defined by the role of the nurse and the work setting
    • Practice environments that support and enhance professional competence are essential

  • It is imperative that leaders in nursing education and practice develop collaborative curriculum models to facilitate the achievement of a minimum of a baccalaureate degree in nursing by all nurses.
    • Advancing the education of all nurses is increasingly recognized as essential to the future of nursing practice
    • Evidence has demonstrated that nurses with higher education levels have a positive impact on patient care

  • A more effective educational system must be developed, one capable of incorporating shifting demographics and preparing the nursing workforce to respond to current and future health care needs and population health issues.
    • The NOF Nursing Core Competencies are designed to be applicable across all care settings and to encompass all patient populations across the lifespan
    • Evidence-based knowledge and sensitivity to variables such as age, gender, culture, health disparities, socioeconomic status, race and spirituality are essential for caring for diverse populations in this global society

  • The nurse of the future will be proficient in a core set of competencies.
    • There is a differentiation in competencies among practicing nurses at various levels
    • Competence is developed over a continuum and can be measured

  • Nurse educators in education and in practice settings will need to use a different set of knowledge and teaching strategies to effectively integrate the Nurse of the Future Nursing Core Competencies© into curriculum.


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