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  • Predictions and Preparedness: The Registered Nurse and Nurse Educator Shortages (.PDF), by Susan L. Conrad PhD, RN, Professor, Nursing Department, Framingham State University (June 2011)

    From the Introduction: This resource/reference manual began as a simple update of data regarding the registered nurse (RN) and nurse educator shortages in the United States, with a focus on Massachusetts. The literature search for current, pertinent articles revealed a great deal of information about the many complex issues involved in the shortages, as well as best practices for positively impacting the shortages. The project was expanded to summarize and organize the articles so that readers could find topic-related data easily. Further detail can be found in the original articles that have been cited in the chapters and included in the reference lists. It is hoped that this manual will be helpful in increasing awareness of the issues and active participation in instituting policy and program changes, legislative advocacy, collective bargaining negotiations, federal and state funding, grant writing, etc.


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