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Nurse of the Future

The current nursing shortage is rooted in changing demographics of both the population and the nursing profession, as well as in the changing demands on nursing practice. To effectively address the nursing shortage, it is essential to ask two questions: How can higher education institutions graduate more nurses? and What competencies will be required of the nurse of the future?

The Board of Higher Education and the Massachusetts Organization of Nurse Executives convened a conference, Creativity and Connections: Building the Framework for the Future of Nursing Education and Practice, which brought together experienced professionals from the major statewide stakeholders in nursing education and practice. A report on the conference (.PDF) is also available.

One outcome was the development of the following mission statement for future work, whereby the participants agreed to:

Establish a formal coalition to create a seamless progression through all levels of nursing that is based on consensus competencies which include transitioning nurses into their practice settings.

The participants also agreed to these top priorities:

  • Creation of a seamless progression through all levels of nursing education
  • Development of sufficient consensus on competencies to serve as a framework for educational curriculum
  • Development of a statewide nurse internship/preceptor program


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