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PARCC Massachusetts Launch Conference for Public Higher Education

PARCC LogoThe PARCC Massachusetts Launch Conference for Public Higher Education was held on October 28, 2011, in Leominster, MA. Each of the 29 campuses of the Massachusetts public higher education system was asked to send a delegation of 10 representatives including:

  • President
  • Chief Academic Officer
  • Dean of Education
  • Dean of Arts and Sciences
  • Dean of Assessment
  • One Faculty each in Mathematics, English and Science
  • One Superintendent and one Head of Curriculum and Instruction from a partner school district

The objectives of the Launch Conference were:

  • To introduce the PARCC initiative to Massachusetts postsecondary leaders
  • To convey the impact of the transition to Common Core State Standards in Massachusetts
  • To establish the importance of higher education engagement in the development and implementation of PARCC
  • To begin formulating a collaborative higher education and K-12 PARCC engagement and outreach strategy in Massachusetts

Conference Program

Conference Presentations

The Vision Project and the Pathway to PARCC

Commissioner Richard M. Freeland explained how the PARCC initiative fits into the Vision Project.

What Is the PARCC Assessment? How Will It Work, and Who Will Benefit?

Jeffrey Nellhaus, Director of the PARCC Assessment for Achieve, provided a broad overview of the vision and goals of the PARCC assessment.

How Can Higher Education Impact the Development and Implementation of the PARCC Assessment?

Allison G. Jones, Vice President for Postsecondary Collaboration for Achieve, explained the role of and outcomes for the higher education sector in the PARCC initiative.


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