Instructions for Working with Application

Saving Your Application

The structure of the application folder downloaded from the Board of Higher Education website is virtually identical to the structure in which the completed application should be submitted. To save completed documents:

  1. Create a folder somewhere on your hard drive in which to save your completed documents. Name the folder after your institution, such as "John Doe University."


  2. Within that folder, create one folder called "1 Institutional Documents" in which to save the Application Cover Sheet and the Institutional Profile. Create additional folders for each program being submitted for review, and name the folders after the programs, such as "BS in Criminal Justice." Also include a number at the beginning of the name so that the folders fall in the correct order.


  3. Within each program's folder, save the Program Overview and Program Profile. Also, create folders for each Standard (A-I).


  4. Within each Standard's folder, save the corresponding completed documents and any separate electronic documents (Word docs, PDFs, etc.) that you referenced as evidence demonstrating compliance. Include numbers in the file names so that they fall in the correct order.


Submitting Your Application

When the application is completed, please burn it onto CD, saved in the folder structure described above. The flash drive, along with one hard copy of the institution's application, one college catalog, and the evaluation fee, should be sent to:

Massachusetts Board of Higher Education
Review of Criminal Justice Programs
McCormack Building
One Ashburton Place, Room 1401
Boston, MA 02108