Information and Tools for Campus Employees
bullet Affirmative Action and Personnel Policies
Information and tools related to:
State and community college affirmative action plans, contact information, personnel policies, etc.
bullet Classification Study and Classification Specifications
Information and tools related to:
Classification study, classification appeals committee, classification specifications, job codes, etc.
bullet Collective Bargaining Agreements
Information and tools related to:
Agreements for the American Federation of State, Community and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), the Association of Professional Administrators (APA), etc.
bullet Health and Welfare Trust Fund
Information and tools related to:
Eligibility, coverage, and plan updates for non-unit professionals, Massachusetts public employees, and Massachusetts Teachers Association, etc.
bullet Optional Retirement Program
Information and tools related to:
Enrollment benefits, forms, insurance, FAQs, etc.
bullet Other Retirement and Savings Plans
Information and tools related to:

Tax-sheltered annuities, deferred compensation, state employees credit union, U.Fund, etc.


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