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ORP Enrollment Center


If you have decided to participate in the Optional Retirement Program (ORP) rather than the State Employees' Retirement System (SERS), the next step is to enroll. (If you are still unsure about which plan you wish to choose, visit the Choosing a Retirement Plan page to find information to assist in your decision.)

There are four steps to enroll in the ORP. You must complete all four of the steps listed on this page. If you miss a step, your enrollment may not be processed and you may forfeit the opportunity to join the ORP.

Step One: Choose a provider

To participate in the ORP, you must choose one of the four ORP providers to invest plan contributions on your behalf and provide services to you personally. The choices are:

Fidelity Investments
Learn more (.PDF)

Visit the "Learn more" links to learn about each of the providers, including their products, investment funds, and services to you as an ORP participant.

Step Two: Complete the Department of Higher Education enrollment forms

Once you have chosen your provider, you must complete the following enrollment forms:

  1. ORP Enrollment/Change Form (.PDF)
  2. Insurance Enrollment and Beneficiary Change Form (.PDF)
  3. Notice on Social Security: Form SSA-1945 (.PDF)

Additionally, if you have existing assets in the State Employees' Retirement System (SERS) that you wish to transfer immediately to your new ORP account, you must complete this fourth form:

  1. SERS Application to Withdraw Accumulated Pension Deductions (Refund/Rollover Request Form) (.PDF)
    (If you are unsure whether you want to transfer your SERS assets to your ORP account, you may delay your decision; SERS funds can be transferred at any time.)

You must physically sign all enrollment forms, and you should keep copies of the completed forms for your own files.

Step Three: Return the Department of Higher Education enrollment forms

Return the Department of Higher Education enrollment forms to your Benefits Administrator in your campus Human Resources office. Your Benefits Administrator will return them to the Department of Higher Education on your behalf.

Step Four: Establish your provider account

Establish your ORP account with the provider that you selected in Step One and indicated on your ORP enrollment forms in Step Two. (You must establish an account for the ORP with your chosen provider, even if you already have an account with that company for other purposes.)

Fidelity Investments

Open your ORP account with Fidelity External Links

Note: You will need Fidelity's ORP Plan Number, which is 84828.


Open your ORP account with TIAA-CREF External Links


Open your ORP account with VALIC External Links


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