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INstructions on Demonstrating Compliance

Instructions for Completing Summary

In the space provided, summarize the program's fulfillment of the Quality Standard. If the institution concludes that it does not meet the Standard, indicate the steps it is taking to address those areas of non-compliance, as well as provide an anticipated timetable for coming into compliance.

Instructions for Providing Evidence Indicating Compliance

In the space provided with each Indicator, the institution must provide evidence to demonstrate how it meets the criteria under the Quality Standard. The institution may add additional indicators if it so desires.

Certain indicators call for completion of a numbered form. In these cases please demonstrate compliance by completing the corresponding form found in the folder for the Standard. Save the completed document in the folder corresponding to the Standard.

Other indicators require the institution to provide alternative types of evidence of compliance. In the space provided, utilize evidence such as:

  • Link to institution's website: If the evidence exists on your institution's website, please provide a link in the space provided to the information on your site.
  • Narrative: If the evidence can best be summarized in the form of a narrative, please use the space provided for your explanation.
  • Separate electronic document: If the evidence exists as a separate document (Word, PDF, etc.), please provide the file name of the document in the space provided and save the file in the folder corresponding to the Standard.
  • Hard copy: If the evidence exists only in hard copy form, or if it would be an exceptionally large electronic document, please indicate that fact in the space provided and provide the hard copy to your reviewers at the time of the site visit.


Sample evidence text


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