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MassTransfer integrates and replaces the Commonwealth Transfer Compact, Joint Admissions, and the Tuition Advantage Program as of fall 2009. Students matriculating in fall 2009 as well as currently enrolled students may accumulate courses leading toward the completion of an approved associate degree under MassTransfer or the MassTransfer Block. The policy benefits will apply to students who complete either an approved associate degree or the MassTransfer Block beginning fall 2010, regardless of initial date of enrollment.

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Community college students who matriculated prior to 2009 and who choose to continue in the Commonwealth Transfer Compact and/or Joint Admissions Program will be required to complete their associate degree by August 2013 and must matriculate at a Massachusetts state college or University of Massachusetts campus by fall 2014.

Early Childhood Education Compact and Elementary Education Compact

The statewide Early Childhood Education (.PDF) and Elementary Education (.PDF) Compacts were established to strengthen teacher education throughout the public higher education system, increase the diversity of the teacher workforce, and broaden career opportunities in teaching for community college students.

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