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Assessment of Capital Needs

In FY2001, the first phase of this process was a comprehensive assessment of conditions, including infrastructure, systems, and pedagogical requirements. The final report, delivered in FY2003 and produced by consulting firm Eva Klein & Associates, identified a significant backlog of 500 deferred maintenance projects at every state and community college, estimated at $1.2 billion. Adjusted for inflation and other construction-related costs, these projects would cost $2.8 billion today.

Space Utilization and Master Planning Process

From FY2004 to FY2007, an extensive space utilization study was completed at each campus to assess the adequacy of general academic and specialized instructional and lab space. Each college also engaged in a comprehensive master planning process for each campus, resulting in a planned, sequenced progression of all capital projects over a 10- to 15-year period and a prioritization of all major capital projects. The Eva Klein Report provided the foundation of this master plan, which was further informed by the utilization analysis and significant input from college personnel. The master plans condensed the original 500 individual projects into 200 comprehensive projects, now totaling $3.5 billion.

Update on Legislation

The Governor recently filed the first capital bond bill on behalf of public higher education institutions since 1995. The legislation would authorize the Commonwealth to issue up to $2 billion in general obligation bonds to fund capital improvements over the next ten years, split equally between the University of Massachusetts and the state and community colleges. Over this period, capital allocations to public higher education will increase from 3% to 10% of the state’s total bond-funded projects.

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