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Reporting Template, Forms, and Worksheets

What Should I Know About Completing the Forms Below?

All projects that receive funding from the Pipeline Fund are required to fulfill evaluation, data collection, and reporting requirements. These requirements include the following:

  1. Implementation of a local evaluation of funded projects that includes both formative (i.e., yielding information that informs project improvement) and summative (i.e., documenting outcomes and progress toward goals) components.

  2. Implementation of forms and surveys that are part of the standardized, state-wide evaluation and data collection rubric.

  3. Submission of mid-year and year-end reports and budget/expense worksheets.

Below you will find instructions, forms, surveys, and online links you should use to fulfill requirements 2 and 3 (state-wide evaluation/data collection and mid-year/year-end reports/worksheets).

Additional resources are available by clicking on the related link in the menu on the left.

What Is the Purpose of Each Form?

Form 1: Program Narrative - outlines all information that should be included in the narrative for mid-year and year-end reports as well as how the narrative should be organized.

Form 2: Anonymous Identifier - instructions for adult participants to create an anonymous identifier which is used to preserve anonymity and reduce duplicate counts of participants.

Form 3: Reporting Participant’s Pre- and Post-Test Scores – used for the central collection of all pre – and post –test scores.

Form 4 and Form 5: Activity Summary Sheets – tracks important information on student focused (Form 4) and teacher focused (Form 5) activities.

Form 6: Participant Data Collection Form - given to adult participants such as teachers, school administrators or other adult education professionals to capture personal and educational data.

Form 7: Participant Feedback Form – used for collecting adult participants’ feedback after an activity is completed.

Form 8: Network Membership Form – used only by PreK-16 Regional Networks to collect information about new network participants.


Form Link How to Submit
Form 1: Program Narrative (.DOC) Upload
Form 1A: Expenditure Worksheet (.DOC) Upload
Form 2: Anonymous Identifier (.DOC) N/A
Form 3: Reporting Participants’ Pre- and Post-Test Scores (.DOC) Upload with copies of test instruments
Form 4: Activity Summary Sheet: Student-Focused Activity (.DOC) Upload
Form 5: Activity Summary Sheet: Teacher-Focused Activity (.DOC) Upload
Form 6: Participant Data Collection Form (.DOC) Mail copies or originals (address below)
Form 7: Participant Feedback Form (.DOC) N/A - complete Form 7a
Form 7a: Participant Feedback Survey (.XLS) Tally results and upload or include in narrative
Form 8: Network Membership Form (.DOC) Keep for your records

All uploaded documents should be completed and uploaded at the web portal:

Form 6: Participant Data Collection Forms should be mailed to: Jean Supel, Research Manager, UMass Donahue Institute, 333 South St., Shrewsbury, MA, 01545.

If you have any questions about evaluation, data collection, or reporting please contact Keith Connors, STEM Pipeline Fund Program Manager, MA Department of Higher Education or UMASS Donahue Institute staff Jean Supel, Research Manager (see the Contact Information page).


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