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How and When to Certify Students

How to Certify

You can certify enrollments using one of two methods:

  1. Fill out VA Form 22-1999, Enrollment Certification Form. If you certify the student using the paper form, it can be mailed directly to the VA at the following address: Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Regional Office, P.O. Box 4616, Buffalo, NY 14202.
    For OJT programs, the certifying official must submit a VA Form 22-8864, Other On-The-Job Training and Apprenticeship Training Agreement and
    Standards, in addition to the 22-1999. The 22-8864 requires the trainee’s signature.
  2. Use VA-ONCE. Access VA ONCE through the GI Bill web site. Offsite link

When to Certify

  • Chapter 30: These students can be certified up to 120 days before the next semester’s classes begin, unless training time is less than half-time, the veteran is on active duty, or accelerated payment is requested. If this is the case, the Cert must be submitted on or after the first day of class and tuition and fees must be reported.
  • Chapter 31: These students, if new, can be certified as soon as the vocational specialist authorizes them and they are registered. Returning students can be certified as soon as they are registered for classes.
  • Chapter 1606, 32 & 35: Continuously enrolled students (have no break in pay) can be certified 30 - 60 days before the starting date of the next semester just like Chapter 30 students. If there has been a break, they cannot be certified until the first day of class unless an advance pay is requested.
  • Advance pay: Students requesting an advance pay have to be certified so that VA receives their certification at least a month before the first day of class.


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