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Supervisory Site Visits

The Department of Higher Education is required by law, under contract to the VA, to conduct annual supervisory visits to schools with at least one veteran enrolled who is receiving GI Bill benefits. The purpose of the supervisory visit is to ensure the training establishment:

  1. Complies with all laws and regulations governing the GI Bill program; and
  2. Meets the conditions for re-approval.

Consider the following points when preparing for a Department of Higher Education site visit:

Prior to the Visit

  • Complete any program revision forms, if necessary, prior to visit.
  • Gather a random sampling, no more than 20, of GI Bill student folders (excluding Ch. 31 students). Ensure all necessary documentation is in the folders.
  • Gather three current school catalogs. The catalogs must contain the information described in the conditions for re-approval, section A. Additionally, if an academic calendar or schedule and current tuition and fees are not included in the catalog, you may provide the information in a separate addendum at the time of the visit.

During the Visit

  • Be available to ask or answer any questions.
  • SAA will inspect GI Bill student folders.
  • If records are kept electronically, you must be available to provide information upon request.
  • Submit program revision forms, if applicable.
  • SAA will collect three current, signed and certified school catalogs.

After the Visit

  • SAA will email a list of action items from the supervisory visit, if any. The action items will be completed by the responsible party as prescribed by the SAA.
  • SAA will complete a site visit report, and send a copy to the Certifying Official and VA Education Liaison Representative.
  • On an ongoing basis, the Certifying Official will contact the SAA for any assistance, questions, program updates, etc.


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