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Approvals and Reviews for VA Purposes

Before an institution can train veterans under the GI Bill program, the SAA must approve both the institution and program(s) in which veterans will be enrolled. The initial approval process involves a thorough review. Any educational institution which enrolls, or is likely to enroll, veterans using the GI Bill in postsecondary programs must be approved by the Department of Higher Education, including:

  • Institutions of Higher Learning, e.g., colleges and universities
  • Non-College Degree, e.g., cosmetology schools, hospital training, etc.
  • Flight schools
  • On-the-job training
  • High school diploma, G.E.D. or post-diploma certificate programs
  • College entrance exam preparatory programs
  • Organizations or agencies that provide licensing and certification tests

In order to receive and maintain approved status, institutions must comply with the following procedures:

Note: Apprenticeships are approved for GI Bill purposes by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Workforce Development, Division of Apprentice Training Offsite link. Contact them at 617-626-5409.


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