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Admissions Standards

The admissions standards for the state universities and University of Massachusetts emphasize strong academic preparation while in high school. These standards represent minimum requirements; meeting them does not guarantee admission, since college officials consider a wide range of factors in admissions decisions.

The admissions standards for freshmen applicants to the state universities and University of Massachusetts have several components:

  • fulfillment of all requirements for the high school diploma or its equivalent;
  • submission of an SAT or ACT score;
  • 16 required academic courses; and
  • minimum required grade point average (GPA) earned in college preparatory courses completed at the time of application.

Please consult the Admissions Standards Guide (.PDF) for additional information. It is important to note that admissions standards differ; contacting the colleges directly may provide additional information.

What's New

Fall 2012—Admissions standards are increasing for the classes entering college in fall 2016 and fall 2017! If you plan to apply to college in a few years, it is time to start planning now. Please review the Admissions Standards Guide (.PDF) to learn more about the changes, which include a greater number of required math and science courses, and talk with your guidance counselor about what you need to do to prepare.


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