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Unlike many corporate environments with top-down paths of authority, colleges and universities are typically organized as democracies in which the faculty and other stakeholders play significant roles in the governance process and decision-making on a wide range of policy matters, academic and otherwise. While members of a college community will concur about the overriding objective of keeping campuses safe, there will likely be sharp disagreements over the appropriate means toward this end. We expect that certain recommendations advanced in this report will, for the most part, be readily embraced without dissent. A few, on the other hand, are fairly controversial and should stir considerable debate.

In this section, we highlight those areas that merit discussion involving a wide range of campus constituencies, including faculty, administrators, student services professionals, police officials, and legal counsel. We urge a full and open discourse on their relevance and advisability for a particular campus environment. While our team has made recommendations related to many of these issues, based upon research and experience with violence prevention, implementation is more complex and requires campus-wide input. For example, although we recommend that schools should install CCTV, siting and application on any given campus requires considerable discussion. Other issues, such as the use of interior door locks, involve too many variables for us to advance a blanket recommendation. 

  1. Discussion Topic: How can psychiatric services be better provided to support the distributed campuses?
  2. Discussion Topic: How can campus mental health services be expanded or improved?
  3. Discussion Topic: What should be the arming policy for sworn police officers on campus?
  4. Discussion Topic: What is the best strategy for employing CCTV cameras throughout campus?
  5. Discussion Topic: What should be the policy pertaining to faculty and staff concerns about a student or colleague who demonstrates the potential for violence?
  6. Discussion Topics: What should be the policy for background checks on students (criminal records, mental health issues, and disciplinary actions)?
  7. Discussion Topic: How should colleges solicit anonymous tips, how should the information be handled, and what steps can be taken to guard against malicious abuse of the system?
  8. Discussion Topic: What should the roles and responsibilities of key campus personnel be in the event of a crisis?
  9. Discussion Topic: Should classrooms be equipped with interior locking devices?
  10. Discussion Topic: What protections should there be to ensure that a college’s attempt to identify at-risk individuals does not stifle free individual expression and diversity?

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