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Admissions Standards

Amending Science Requirement of Admission Standards (.PDF)
Increasing Mathematics Requirement of Admission Standards (.PDF)

Branch Campuses

Off-Campus Programming Policy (.PDF)
Approved in May 2011, this policy supercedes the former Branch Campus Policy approved by the Board of Higher Education in June 1998.

Bristol Community College Branch Campus (.PDF)
Massasoit Community College Branch Campus (.PDF)
Quinsigamond Community College Branch Campus (.PDF)

Budget Requests

Campus Mission Statement

NEW Bunker Hill Community College Revised Mission Statement (.PDF)

Civic Learning

Policy on Civic Learning (.PDF)

College and Career Readiness

Massachusetts Definition of College and Career Readiness (PARCC) (.PDF)

Fiscal Guidelines and Reporting Procedures

Accounting System Reporting (.PDF)
Endowment Incentive Guidelines (.PDF)
Expenditure and Revenue Reporting (.PDF)
Personnel Administration Reporting (.PDF)
Standards for the Expenditure of Trust Fund (.PDF)

Human Resources and Benefit Administration

Adoption of the Massachusetts Optional Retirement Program Amendment (.PDF)
Selection of Program Providers for Massachusetts Optional Retirement Program (.PDF)
Amendment No. 2 to Optional Retirement Program (.PDF)
Massachusetts State Colleges' Affirmative Action Plan (.PDF)
Amendment No. 1 to Optional Retirement Program (.PDF)
Optional Retirement Program Housing Allowance Policy (.PDF)

Legislation Support

Student Textbook Pricing Disclosure (.PDF)

Name Change

Bentley College Name Change to Bentley University (.PDF)
University of Massachusetts Amherst: Commonwealth College Name Change (.PDF)

Performance Measurement

Vision Project (.PDF)
Massachusetts College of Art and Design Peer Institutions (.PDF)
Change in Community College Student Success Indicator for Performance Measurement (.PDF)
Change in Fiscal Performance Indicators (.PDF)

Special Mission Colleges

Massachusetts College of Art and Design: Renewal Plan for a Partnership with the Commonwealth–December 2009 (.PDF)

Sexual Violence

NEW Resolution Regarding Campus Sexual Violence (.PDF)

Task Force and Committee Creation

NEW Creation of an Ad Hoc Committee of the Board of Higher Education on Institution Strategic Plan Review (.PDF)
NEW Creation of an Ad Hoc Committee of the Board of Higher Education to Search for a New Commissioner (.PDF)
Task Force on For-Profit Institutions and Online Learning (.PDF)
Establishment of Technology Innovation and IT Workforce Advisory Committee (.PDF)
Task Force on 21st Century Skills (.PDF)
Approval to Establish the Commonwealth Transfer Advisory Group (.PDF)

Veterans Education

Approval of the VALOR Act Academic Credit Evaluation Policy (.PDF)


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