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Benefits for Associate Degree Holders

Students who complete an associate degree at a Massachusetts community college and who seek admission to certain linked MassTransfer programs at the Massachusetts state universities and University of Massachusetts campuses will be entitled to the following, based upon the final cumulative GPA at the community college awarding the associate degree:

Minimum Final GPA
Benefits 2.0+ 2.5+ 3.0+ Notes
No application fee Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark MassTransfer Application required by deadline.
No application essay Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Automatic satisfaction of most or all general education requirements Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Receiving institution may require no more than six additional credits/two courses.
Guaranteed transfer of credits Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark

60 credits.
Guaranteed admission Checkmark Checkmark Space permitting in the major and college.
33% tuition waiver Checkmark For two years, provided student:
  • Matriculates within one year of receiving associate degree;
  • Enrolls continuously (full- or part-time) in day program; and
  • Achieves 3.0 GPA in first two semesters.


  • If the MassTransfer student changes his or her major from the linked MassTransfer program, then the requirements for the new major must be met.
  • If the linked MassTransfer program requires a higher GPA or specific courses of native students, the MassTransfer student must meet these requirements.
  • If, because of space or fiscal limitations, the receiving institution does not admit all qualified applicants to a given major or program, the receiving institution will use the same criteria for MassTransfer applicants as it does for its native students.
  • For students demonstrating compelling hardships, institutions may exercise professional judgment regarding the above conditions.

Students who meet these requirements may complete the MassTransfer Application.

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