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MassTransfer Block

A student completing the MassTransfer Block will have earned the following 34 credit hours outlined below, exclusive of developmental coursework.

Credits Subject Areas Notes
9 Behavioral and social sciences Must be satisfied in either subject area.
9 Humanities and fine arts Must be satisfied in either subject area.
7 Natural or physical science Must consist of at least one course with a lab component.
6 English composition/writing Courses should involve the development of complex and abstract ideas for different writing situations and emphasize the different steps of the writing process leading to fluent, effective expression. Courses that are concerned primarily with grammar, usage, punctuation, or grammatical sentence and paragraphs do not meet this requirement and should not receive credit toward the degree.
3 Mathematics/quantitative reasoning Courses should build upon the competencies acquired during the equivalent of at least three years of high school algebra and geometry. Courses covering computational concepts only will not meet this requirement and should not carry credit toward the degree. Courses designed to teach students how to apply mathematics to specific fields, such as those offered in community college occupational programs, may be offered for credit toward the degree to be earned in those programs but will not be considered equivalent to college-level mathematics for the purpose of transfer of credit to baccalaureate institutions.

Students who complete this 34-credit MassTransfer Block with a 2.0 or higher grade point average will satisfy the core/distribution/general education requirements at the receiving institution.


  • The receiving institution is able to add no more than six additional credits/two courses in compliance with the New England Association of Schools and Colleges’ Standards for Accreditation External.
  • Students enrolled in a specific major or degree program may be required to take additional courses if these courses are specifically required for the major or program and are required of native students.

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