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Hyperactive Delirium

Developed by: Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Simmons College


Patient is an 86 year old approximately 48 hours post total hip replacement. She is on a PCA for postoperative pain and has started eating. She had an unwitnessed episode of aspiration. She is now hyperactive, legs over side of bed, trying to get out. She is speaking in a non-sensical but clear voice. She is loud and agitated. There is a sitter at her bedside watching TV, which is loud, and the patient's IV pump is alarming. Her concerned daughters arrive and find the mother's behavior to be very out of the ordinary and they are alarmed. The patient's Primary Nurse is receiving report outside the patient's room from the night nurse.

The intent is for the patient's Primary Nurse to provide calming interventions, reassuring the patient and family, to reduce the external environmental stimuli. The nurse will be expected to assess the patient's mental status, consider possible contributing factors to the patient's behavior and engage the family in both the assessment and calming of the patient.


Learning Objectives

The goal of this simulated experience is to develop and apply problem-solving, critical thinking and current evidence to the care of a patient experiencing delirium. The participant will:

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