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Scenario Detail

Postpartum Hemorrhage

Developed by: Endicott College, Beverly Hospital/Northeast Hospital Corporation


Learners will perform a postpartum assessment on a newly delivered multigravida who has delivered a macrosomic infant via vaginal birth. Identification of signs and symptoms of postpartum hemmorhage, and interventions including fundal massage, appropriate medications, catheter insertion, and leadership skills will be demonstrated.


Learning Objectives

The learner will:

  1. Identify risk factors for postpartum hemorrhage.
  2. Implement appropriate interventions for postpartum hemorrhage management.
  3. Collaborate and communicate effectively with members of the health care team.

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Previous Feedback:

Submitted 12/6/2012 9:21:42 AM from Christy Sabel

Population type: senior BS student nurses    Number of participants: 10


Thank you for your wonderful simulation materials. I am a second year professor with a BS program and had no idea where to start!! Amazing!