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Scenario Detail

Geriatric Multicultural MRSA Patient

Developed by: Lahey Clinic, Salem State College


This case presents a post operative patient who is on the surgical floor with abdominal pain and incisional drainage. The student will be required to demonstrate basic assessment to detect safety including a falls risk assessment, infection control, pain, and communication issues. It is expected that the student will communicate findings to the appropriate health care team members within the organization.


Learning Objectives

  1. Identify the primary nursing diagnosis
  2. Implement patient safety measures and institute appropriate falls prevention measures.
  3. Evaluate patient assessment information including vital signs and appropriate diagnostic tests.
  4. Identify communication and cultural concerns.
  5. Implement direct communication with multidisciplinary team members
  6. Demonstrate effective teamwork.
  7. Implement infection control measures per the hospital policy
  8. Prioritize and implement physician orders appropriately

Scenario specific goals:

  1. Initiate assessment of patient and tests and prioritize findings
  2. Recognize the presence of MRSA from the culture and sensitivity report given by the charge nurse.
  3. Implement infection control precautions for MRSA.
  4. Identify appropriate treatment measures in collaboration with primary care physician
  5. Recognize communication barriers and accesses hospital interpreter services
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