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Scenario Detail

Pain Assessment Utilizing FLACC Scale

Developed by: Fitchburg State College, UMASS Memorial Healthcare-University Campus


This scenario presents an eight month old patient admitted to the hospital with acute otitis media, ear pain and dehydration. The child has received IV fluids and IV antibiotics for 24 hours and is no longer dehydrated. The IV fluids have been discontinued and oral antibiotics initiated to prepare for discharge later this afternoon. The child continues to be difficult to console and cries frequently. The parent is concerned about the child’s level of discomfort.

The scenario requires the student to correctly assess a child’s level of pain utilizing the FLACC scale, safely administer medication and communicate effectively with the mother.


Learning Objectives

By the completion of this scenario the nursing student will:

  1. Demonstrate caring behaviors toward patient, significant others and groups of people receiving care
  2. Assess presence and extent of physical and emotional comfort
  3. Elicit expectations of patient and family for relief of pain, discomfort or suffering
  4. Demonstrate effective use of technology and standardized practices that support safe practice
  5. Use appropriate strategies to reduce reliance on memory
  6. Base individualized care plan on best current evidence, patient values and clinical expertise
  7. Facilitate integration of new evidence into standards of practice

Scenario Specifics:

By the completion of this scenario the nursing student will:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of pediatric patient safety by enforcing pediatric unit based safety standards.
  2. Implement therapeutic communication.
  3. Perform a pain assessment utilizing the FLACC scale.
  4. Evaluate FLACC scale findings and intervene with evidence based pharmacological and nonpharmacological therapies.
  5. Calculate the safe dose of a prescribed medication.
  6. Safely administer and document medication administration.
  7. Utilize the FLACC scale to evaluate the effectiveness of the administered medication.
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Submitted 6/18/2012 9:00:44 AM from Carol Kronopolus

Population type: students    Number of participants: 2


An excellent realistic nursing care scenario in pediatrics!