Nursing & Allied Health Initiative

The DHE’s Nursing and Allied Health Initiative performs a critical intermediary role as facilitator and independent broker of public and private partnerships of higher education faculty and executives, health care employers, industry associations and other key stakeholders. This initiative also sponsors, leads and coordinates statewide and regional pilot innovation programs to increase the supply of qualified nurses and allied health professionals, increase the capacity of nursing faculty in our higher education institutions, and reform curriculum to address emerging industry requirements for healthcare quality improvements.

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Centralized Clinical Placement Program uses database to help fill vacant faculty positions

Would you like to shape the future of nursing by teaching? Visit - create a profile - search and inquire about open clinical and classroom faculty positions - get recruited by nursing programs looking for candidates like you

The Centralized Clinical Placement (CCP) Faculty Database is designed to connect nursing programs with faculty candidates in order to fill vacant faculty positions and build faculty capacity.

With the CCP Faculty Database, nursing programs are able to post open positions, search and view faculty candidate profiles, and respond to candidate inquiries. Faculty candidates are able to post profiles, search and view open positions, and submit inquiries about positions.

CCP Faculty Database >

LPN Student Stories: Educational Goals of a Diverse Nursing Workforce

There are over 21,000 Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) in Massachusetts alone. Beginning as an LPN affords those with low income, single parents, career changers and new immigrants a quick admission to the workforce. This brings a more diverse population into nursing that otherwise would not have had the opportunity to enter the profession. There is broad agreement that a diverse nursing workforce is essential to meet the needs of our increasingly diverse population.

These practical nursing students show extreme dedication and commitment by completing rigorous PN programs, some as short as 10 months, to prepare them to begin their careers. For some, this will be the start of a pathway to becoming a registered nurse and LPN to BSN programs are filling that need.