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Nurse of the Future

UMass Dartmouth nursing student and instructor

The Nurse of the Future Project agenda was defined at a two-day working session sponsored by DHE and the Massachusetts Organization of Nurse Executives (MONE) in 2006. This session was attended by 32 professionals representing the major statewide stakeholders in nursing education and practice, who shared a commitment to improving nursing education in Massachusetts and defined a mission statement and priorities to guide future work.

Following the 2006 conference, a working group was formed composed of deans and faculty representing all segments of nursing education and nursing practice leaders and clinical nursing staff representing the continuum of care. This group reviewed standards, initiatives, and best practices in nursing education, forming a foundation for moving the priorities forward. To expedite the process, the group formed two subcommittees: the Massachusetts NOF Competency Committee, charged with furthering the development of a seamless continuum of nursing education by identifying a core set of nursing competencies; and the MONE Academic Practice Integration Committee, charged with using the identified competencies as a framework for developing a statewide transition into practice model. A Steering Committee was also ultimately created to oversee approaches toward completing the priorities and setting the ongoing agenda.

The Nurse of the Future Nursing Core Nursing Core Competencies© was completed and made available in August 2010. A new resource, The Massachusetts Nursing Core Competencies: A Toolkit for Implementation in Education and Practice Settings was developed under the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Academic Progression in Nursing (APIN) grant by a MA Action Coalition (MAAC) team and published in May 2014. For additional information, see the following subsections: