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The Centralized Clinical Placement (CCP) Management system is a web-based program that streamlines the scheduling and management of clinical education placements between health care organizations and nursing programs. The system was established in 2006. CCP spans six regions across three states: Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.

CCP is comprised of two highly integrated components: the clinical placement scheduling program and the online orientation program. CCP has two goals: to facilitate the efficient placement of nursing students into clinical sites and to expand the number of clinical sites for nursing students. As of spring 2015 the system is managing more than 38,700 student-placements/preceptorships between 120 health care organizations and 121 nursing programs.

An integrated Online Orientation program was added in 2009. This program has three goals: increase the amount of time students spend in the patient care setting by decreasing the amount of time spent in often-repetitive orientation sessions; provide comprehensive and consistent orientation to students and faculty and reduce the administrative burden of providing orientation to nursing students. In academic year 2014-2015 over 17,000 students and nursing faculty have completed the Online Orientation.

In 2014 an integrated Clinical Faculty Database was added to the CCP suite of clinical placement tools. The Database is a collaborative project between the Massachusetts Action Coalition and the Centralized Clinical Placement Management System.

The Clinical Faculty Database is designed to connect and support nursing programs and clinical faculty candidates as they work to fill open clinical instructor positions and develop clinical faculty workforce capacity. With the Clinical Faculty Database, nursing programs can post open positions, search/view profiles that match their needs and manage responses through the site. Alternatively, with the clinical faculty database, prospective faculty candidates can post a profile; search/view open positions that match their credentials and express interest specific position(s).