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Current Projects

UMass Boston students working in a lab.

The STEM Advisory Council is focusing its resources on supporting three priority areas:

STEM Regional Networks

The Baker-Polito Administration and STEM Advisory Council continue to support the Commonwealth’s Regional STEM Networks through annual grant funding. The 2019 grant of $270,000 provided $30,000 to each of the 9 Regional STEM Networks to support their leadership in organizing STEM Week as well as aligning their focus areas with STEM Advisory Council priorities, listed above.

Grant Recipients

Berkshire County | $30,000
Boston | $30,000
Cape Cod | $30,000
Central | $30,000
Metro North | $30,000
Metro West | $30,000
Northeast | $30,000
Pioneer Valley | $30,000
Southeast  | $30,000

Grant Administration

Grant recipients are required to submit mid-year and year-end reports to the Department of Higher Education. Check back soon for the report template narrative and additional information.

Report Due Date
Mid-Year August 31, 2019
Year-End December 31, 2019
Funded Projects

Feb 27

Central MA STEM Network Meeting

May 14

Central MA STEM Network Meeting

STEM In the News
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