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All projects that receive funding from the STEM Pipeline Fund are required to fulfill evaluation, data collection, and reporting requirements. Typically, these requirements include the following:

  1. Implementation of a local evaluation of funded projects that includes both formative (i.e., yielding information that informs project improvement) and summative (i.e., documenting outcomes and progress toward goals) components.
  2. Implementation of forms and surveys that are part of the standardized, state-wide evaluation and data collection rubric.
  3. Submission of mid-year and year-end reports and budget/expense worksheets.

Each round of grant funded projects will also have reporting requirements unique to that specific initiative. 

If you are a STEM Pipeline Funded project, go to Templates, Forms and Worksheets to easily access the required reporting documents.  Go to Reporting Portals to submit your mid-year or year-end report.  And, if you need a reminder of when your evaluation report is due, you can find that information under Reporting Dates.     

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