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Massachusetts STEM Advisory Council

Members of the Massachusetts STEM Advisory Council at a September 2013 meeting

About the STEM Council

Building on earlier initiatives, the Governor’s Advisory Council on STEM is now authorized by Section 218 of Chapter 6 of Massachusetts General Law. The vision of the STEM Advisory Council is to ensure all students in the Commonwealth receive comprehensive STEM education from highly-qualified educators so they are better informed and prepared to pursue post-secondary degrees or careers in these areas. Members of the Council include individuals from academia, business, government and non-profits who are well positioned to provide elevated awareness to the benefits of a STEM literate and skilled citizenry ready to fill the ranks of the 21st Century workforce.

STEM Council Mission

The Council serves as the central coordinating entity to bring together all of the participants from state agencies, the legislature, and members of the public and private sectors involved with STEM planning and programming. Between 2009 and 2014, the STEM Advisory Council has written two STEM plans, which are guiding documents for the Council’s work and for STEM advocates across the Commonwealth:

Under the leadership of the Baker-Polito Administration, the STEM Advisory Council undertook an exploratory process to determine where, under the principles of the STEM Plan 2.0, the Council could have the most impact. That process led to the Council endorsing the following four recommendations as the areas to focus its work:

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The STEM Pipeline Fund, created by Section 2MMM of Chapter 29 of Massachusetts General Laws, enables the STEM Advisory Council to leverage grant funds to support its priorities. 

STEM Council Quarterly Meetings

The STEM Advisory Council usually meets in the fall and in the spring. The STEM Advisory Council Executive Committee meets two additional times per year, as needed. All meetings are open to the public. For upcoming meeting dates, go to our calendar. For materials from past meeting, go to the our past meetings page.


Blair Brown
Staff Director, Governor's STEM Advisory Council
Executive Office of Education

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