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About the @Scale Grant Program

The STEM Advisory Council created the @Scale program in 2010 in order to focus public and private resources on a set of high quality STEM pipeline projects that are aligned with the goals outlined in the Commonwealth’s STEM Plan. All @Scale projects have a history of successful outcomes and the ability to be easily replicated and brought to scale.

What are the Characteristics of @Scale Projects?

Projects selected by the MA STEM Advisory Council to be part of the @Scale portfolio exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Meet existing state standards & policies
  • Have responsible grantee histories
  • Exhibit best practice methods
  • Are well established
  • Are ready to, and designed for, scale - growth or replication
  • Are sustainable without @Scale funds
  • Have the ability to attract external resources
  • Benefit students, educators, and/or workforce
  • Demonstrate clear potential for desired outcomes
  • Have necessary partnerships
  • Are committed to evaluation

For details, download PDF @Scale Project Characteristics

How are @Scale Grants Chosen?

The eleven projects selected for continued endorsement and funding by the STEM Council went through an extensive evaluation process. Elements of the evaluation included site visits, interviews with project administrators and, separately, with project beneficiaries like students and teachers, and by submission of narrative reports. Using the data collected, project profiles were developed and distributed to a committee of high-level STEM stakeholders from government, academia and industry. This committee gathered for a day-long meeting to first refine the @Scale model and then to identify which projects were a best fit. The process concluded with the committee recommending eleven projects to the STEM Council. To date, the STEM Advisory Council has awarded over $2.8 million in @Scale grants over the history of the initiative.

For more information on the project selection process, refer to this document: PDF @Scale: Review Process

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