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@Scale Project

What is @Scale?
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What is @Scale?

The @Scale Project Initative is a strategic initiative to focus public and private resources in support of an integrated portfolio of education enhancement projects aligned to achieve the goals of the Commonwealth’s STEM Plan. This portfolio addresses the domains of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and spans education levels from pre-K to college/workforce. Selecting and sustainably funding this portfolio of projects is an important first step in developing a systemic framework to engage and support a greater number and diverse body of students in STEM learning and career pathways and was done in phases.

What's New

Phase III & IV @Scale Projects Selected

The Governor’s STEM Advisory Council selected five projects under Phase III and IV of @Scale for endorsement and funding. Phase III and IV were the last two phases of a four-phase process to create a portfolio of projects aligned to the state STEM goals. Phase III specifically addressed STEM goals 2 and 3 of STEM Plan 2.0 (student achievement and skilled educators) in elementary and middle grades. Phase IV addressed STEM goals 1 and 3 (student interest and skilled educators) in pre-k education programs. The STEM Council awarded a total of $292,244 among the five projects. The five selected projects are shown in the table below:

Project Lead Partner Award Private Match Numbers served per semester

“Strengthening Pre-K Mathematics Teaching and Learning”

Boston Public Schools

 $       58,695


1,500 aged 3 to 4

“During School In-Class STEM Enrichment Program”

Science from Scientists

 $       50,000


475 students, 16 teachers

“Zero Robotics”

Massachusetts Afterschool Partnership (MAP)

 $       75,000


9 teachers

“Future City”

Metro  North Regional Employment Board

 $       75,000


10 teachers, 10 mentors, 250 students

“Increasing Accessibility to Algebra & Geometry for all students (IAAG)”

UMass Medical School's Regional Science Resource Ctr.

 $       33,549


30 teachers



Each project in the @Scale portfolio is currently under review. There are three goals for the review:

  1. Hone in on what the @Scale model and better define what it means to be an @Scale project (a project can be high quality but not be a good example of an @Scale project)
  2. Assess the set of projects as a portfolio and determine gaps and overlaps in what is being invested in
  3. Learn more about each project and hear from those who are being directly impacted

To achieve these goals, each project is going through a series of visits. The first visit is an interview with project administrators to learn more about the project, identify attributes of a successful implementation visit, and get feedback on the @Scale model. The second—and sometimes a third visit—is used to observe the program in action and speak with those who are directly impacted by the program via a focus group. Site visits will be concluded by October 2014.

Funded Projects

The Governor’s STEM Advisory Council has awarded over $1.2 million over four different phases to support the projects of the @Scale Project Portfolio.  Funded projects include a variety of student- and teacher-centered STEM programs.  Click on the links below to view the projects in each funding phase. 

You can view all the @Scale projects, with their full descriptions, inPDF this comprehensive informational flyer.


In 2012, the Massachusetts Governor’s STEM Advisory Council launched the @Scale Initiative, referred to simply as @Scale, in response to calls from educators as well as funding organizations seeking a cohesive system of STEM projects to engage, inform and support students while complementing teaching and learning practices, in both formal and informal education settings. @Scale addresses the concerns of both educators and funders by focusing public and private resources in support of an integrated portfolio of education enhancement projects aligned to achieve the goals of the Commonwealth’s STEM plan. For every state dollar, @Scale projects had to secure a three dollar match. Projects selected for @Scale endorsement are designed for easy replication and scale-up while also demonstrating success in achieving student outcomes.

The 17 projects currently in the @Scale portfolio were identified and selected by the STEM Council in four phases with each phase targeting one or two of the state STEM goals. Phase I focused on the goals of student interest and achievement. Phase II addressed the goals of improving post-secondary graduation rates and fulfilling near-term workforce shortages. Phases III & IV, which were combined, focused on projects that address student achievement and educator effectiveness in elementary and middle grade levels and/or student interest and educator effectiveness in pre-K education programs. The grid below provides a visual on how the portfolio of projects addresses the spectrum of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics across learning levels.

Learn more about the @Scale Project Initiative here.

@Scale Portfolio Coverage Map

@Scale Portfolio Coverage Map


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