Information for High Schools

Student Eligibility

Eligibility Criteria: Students must meet the following eligibility criteria:

* If a student’s GPA is below the 2.5 GPA threshold then the student must submit a recommendation letter from their high school guidance counselor, teacher, or principal. Home schooled students should submit a letter from their parent or guardian

Course Credit and GPA Guidelines

High schools must establish agreements with the participating institution of higher education to ensure that participating students receive credit from both the college and the high school, documented on both transcripts, for the courses taken through CDEP. Students may be asked to collect signatures of high school and college administrators for this purpose.

As an additional incentive to students to take more challenging coursework, grades received in CDEP courses will receive additional weight in the calculation of applicants' weighted GPA for admission into Massachusetts public higher education institutions. The additional weight will be the same as that given for grades earned in Advanced Placement courses for the purpose of calculating the high school GPA. See the Department of Higher Education's PDF Admissions Standards Reference Guide for more information on calculating the high school GPA.

Arranging for Course Offerings

Interested high school administrators and staff are encouraged to coordinate with the CDEP coordinator at their local public higher education institution to arrange for a "contract course" to be offered on a high school campus or for student enrollment in courses offered on the college campus or online. Arrangements must be made prior to the start of a new term, and interested parties are encouraged to start the process as early as possible.

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