Mount Wachusett Community College

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Program Overview

MWCC is in the planning stages of developing a MAICEI program.

MWCC’s mission statement emphasizes the academic and social preparation of “individuals for lives of fulfillment, leadership, and service in a diverse and global society. We are committed to engaging students in rich and challenging learning opportunities within a small college atmosphere that is known for its personal touch.”

The new MAICEI program and partnership will align with MWCC’s college mission and strategic direction. Ideal student-participants will be recommended for consideration by their current school and will be interested in enrolling in our comprehensive program which will include taking college courses, improving job and employment skills, increasing independence, autonomy and self-advocacy skills, and participating with extra-curricular activities as part of the MWCC college experience.  Participants will work closely with the MAICEI coordinator and academic coaches to build an educational and developmental plan, taking into account the student’s unique interests while also fulfilling their academic pathway. 

More information will be coming soon. Please contact Jason Zelesky with any questions.

For more information:

Jason Zelesky
Dean of Students
Mount Wachusett Community College
444 Green Street
Gardner, MA 01440