Gateway Scholars Program at Roxbury Community College

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Program Overview

Roxbury Community College is not accepting students for Fall 2017.

For more information, contact:

Glenn Gabbard
Coordinator, Massachusetts Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative
(617) 994-6956

Student Spotlight: Kiameir Smith

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Age: 21
Hometown: Boston, MA

Kiameir began her participation in the Gateway Scholars Program, the Massachusetts Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative at Roxbury Community College (RCC), during the fall 2015 semester. Kiameir is a motivated, hardworking young woman who is well-liked by her peers and other members of the RCC community. 

Kiameir has taken three courses during her time at RCC. These include The College Experience, Basic Mathematics, and Academic Notetaking & Presentation. The College Experience is a foundational course designed to teach students about the skills and resources that are necessary for success within the college environment.

Basic Mathematics provides an opportunity for students to learn and/or review basic mathematical concepts to assist them in constructing a strong foundation for further studies in this domain. Academic Notetaking and Presentation is course that helps students to build their notetaking skills as well as their ability to effectively construct and deliver oral presentations. 

Professor Janet Mangini, the instructor for Kiameir’s Academic Notetaking and Presentation course, describes Kiameir as a student with a “…sunny disposition” and an “…overall joy to have in the classroom.”  Professor Mangini reports that although Kiameir describes herself as ‘shy’ this was not apparent within the classroom as she was “…friendly towards the other students and always voiced her opinion during class discussions.”  The professor also notes that Kiameir’s skills improved throughout the semester and at the end of the course, Kiameir delivered a “…well-organized, well-spoken presentation.”

Kiameir is a focused young woman who displays a love of learning.  She says that when she is on campus at RCC, her favorite activity is “…going to the library.”  Although she has liked all of the classes that she has taken at RCC, Kiameir states that especially enjoyed The College Experience. Kiameir reports that her professor was “…easy to work with,” and she appreciated that he “…made sure everyone got the information.”  During this class, Kiameir initially expressed concern that since so many of her classmates were older than she is, they might not be interested in hearing her thoughts. However, as the semester progressed, Kiameir noticed that many of her peers were struggling with a number of the same challenges that she had encountered in her own life and the students were very supportive of each other. This helped Kiameir to feel more comfortable sharing her thoughts during class and she appreciated the respect and recognition that she received from her classmates.    

When asked what she is most proud of during her time at RCC, Kiameir reports, “...being more social.”  She stated, “Before I came to RCC, usually, I would not ask for help, but now, even though I’m shy, it doesn’t stop me from getting what I need.” When asked whether or not she would recommend that other students take part in MAICEI, Kiameir emphatically said, “I think it’s a must!”

After she completes her time in the Gateway Scholars Program, Kiameir plans to continue her studies in college. Her aspiration is to have a career working as an assistant in a veterinarian’s office. Those of us who know Kiameir anticipate that she will be successful in achieving her goals.

Campus Overview

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Roxbury Community College is a comprehensive, multicultural, student-centered, urban and open-access community college located in Roxbury, Massachusetts. At present, the College serves approximately 2400 students each semester and is well known for its diversity with students hailing from over 70 countries around the world. The primary mission of Roxbury Community College is to facilitate the success of students in achieving their educational goals. Roxbury Community College believes that all students, given the appropriate resources, have the ability to reach their full potential and is committed to helping students enhance the quality of their lives and our communities. Roxbury Community College offers quality post-secondary education in developmental academic skills, the liberal arts and sciences, career and transfer programs, workforce development, and private and public sector training. RCC grants Associate degrees and certificates, affording its students a solid foundation for college transfer, employment, professional advancement, and life-long learning.