Training Resources and Internship Networks (TRAIN) Program

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics, through the Current Population Survey, reported that in Massachusetts in 2014, the percentage of unemployed individuals who were long term unemployed was 34.6%. Long-term unemployment, compared to short-term unemployment, is particularly troubling because statistically the long-term unemployed have a low probability of re-employment. Over time, their employment skills, motivation to find a job, and self-esteem greatly erode leading to loss of self-confidence and the belief of future employability. Eventually, the long-term unemployed stop looking for work.

In response to this challenging situation reflected in the troubling numbers of the persistently unemployed, the state legislature recently passed the Training Resources and Internship Networks (TRAIN) Grant Program, overseen by the Department of Higher Education, in cooperation with the Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development.

TRAIN grants are given to community colleges for the purpose of implementing training programs and providing employer sponsored internships for the long-term unemployed.  Qualifying proposals focus on the development of occupational and readiness skills needed to assist individuals in returning to the workforce in high-demand industries such as health care, advanced manufacturing, computer science/information technology, life sciences and/or financial services. 


In addition to supporting long-term unemployed workers (the primary focus of the initial TRAIN program: 2016), this updated TRAIN program also addresses underemployed workers and new entrant workers in need of training to prepare for jobs in key industry sectors prioritized by the Workforce Skills Cabinet, specifically; Healthcare, Information Technology, Advanced Manufacturing and Hospitality and Tourism.

The DHE will award a limited number of competitive grants awards. We anticipate eight to twelve awards may be made in amounts ranging from $125,000 - $250,000 based on regional scope and the number of individuals served by the proposals. 

Information Sessions (Conference Calls)

Tuesday, August 21
9:30–11am OR 1:30–3pm

To join one of the calls, dial 781-338-3098 and enter passcode 385758. To improve audio quality, we request that you keep your line muted unless you are speaking.


Proposals must be submitted through CommBuys no later than 12:00 noon on Friday, September 21, 2018. Decisions regarding final awards will be communicated to campuses during the week of October 26, 2018. Complete information and required forms are available on COMMBUYS:

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