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You chose to start at:

Springfield Technical Community College

Project Management Option-ARBT

And transfer to:

University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Building & Construction Technology

Talk to an advisor:

Academic Advising and Transfer Center
(413) 755-4857

Talk to an advisor:

(413) 545-0222


What is A2B Linked?

MassTransfer seeks to reward community college students who complete associate degrees before they enroll at a state university or University of Massachusetts campus. Depending on your final GPA, students who complete the A2B Degree receive full transfer of credit, guaranteed admission, and a tuition discount. >> Learn more about the benefits of an A2B Degree

A Linked A2B Degree is a transfer agreement between a community college associate degree program and state university or UMass bachelor’s degree program. It guarantees your general education requirements will transfer and ensures that a minimum of 60 credits will be applied to your baccalaureate program. Linked programs may not have the same major requirements, however. Although your credits are guaranteed to transfer, some may only transfer as electives. Talk to your advisor as soon as possible in the transfer process to plan ahead and ensure you take the right courses.