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Nursing & Allied Health Initiative: Big News-62% Increase in BSN graduates in MA from 2010 to 2015!

Past Awards

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The Board of Higher Education has awarded grants through competitive processes to support a variety of faculty and curriculum projects. Click on a year for more information.

2015: Nursing and Allied Health Initiative Grant Program

The FY15 cycle of grants has several focus areas that reflect the recommendations of the Institute of Medicine’s report, Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health (2010), and the DHE’s Nursing and Allied Health Workforce Development plan (2012).

Three proposals were recommended for funding, totaling $143,749.

Grant Awardees:

  1. $47,772 to University of Massachusetts Lowell, working in partnership with the Lowell General Hospital and Genesis Healthcare. This grant will support their project for a Collaborative Post-Baccalaureate Nurse Residency Program. The project will develop and implement a residency program focused on nursing management of the older adult transitioning along the continuum of care. Precepted clinical experience in both acute and long term care settings will fill a gap in new nurses’ full appreciation of transitions in care and promote competence in caring for the adult patient across a range of acuity.

    DOC Summary | PDF Interim Report
  2. $49,578 to University of Massachusetts Boston, working in partnership with Good Samaritan Medical Center (part of the Steward Network). This grant will support Academic-Practice Partnerships developing a model to encourage incumbent nurses to advance their education inclusive of increasing diversity workforce addressing social, cultural, racial, gender, and disability. The project will focus on building a strong Support Model, addressing the factors that aid in student success and a Model Achieving Workforce Equity to be used to inform the development of a workforce diversity plan. It will incorporate best practices with a focus on removing barriers and facilitating academic progression, to support incumbent associate degree credentialed nurses to obtain their BSN.

    DOC Summary
  3. $46,399 to Curry College, working in partnership with Beth Israel Deaconess Milton Hospital. The grant award shown is a maximum amount for all three phases of the project. Initially, funding will be released for Phase 1 and other payments will be contingent on the findings of Phase 1 which will determine the need for Phases 2 and 3. The grant will support a project entitled, The Clinical Preceptorship Model: Is It Time for Change in Approach? The project components include 1) a systematic investigation of the evidence-based literature relating to currently used and newly innovative clinical experiences for senior students in the last semester of their baccalaureate program; 2) based on the review, design and implementation of focus groups comprised of nursing faculty and experienced preceptors, with a mandate to identify factors that enhance or inhibit the current preceptorship model will be conducted; and 3) from analysis of focus group outcomes, evidence-based recommendations for a collaborative model that will best assist senior baccalaureate students to achieve personal goals and competencies will be developed.

    DOC Summary | PDF Final Report

2014: Nursing Education Redesign Grants

The Department of Higher Education (DHE) Nursing Education Redesign Grants for FY2014 were recently announced in March and April. The awards, totaling $243,911, are made through the DHE’s Nursing and Allied Health Initiative (N&AHI).

2013: Massachusetts Healthcare Chartbook

The Department of Higher Education (DHE), through the DHE’s Nursing and Allied Health Initiative (N&AHI) grant program, announced on August 7, 2013 an award of $46,607 to Commonwealth Corporation to complete their proposal to produce an update of a previously published document called the Massachusetts Healthcare Chartbook.

The updated Massachusetts Healthcare Chartbook contains charts that inform workforce development professionals, educators, employers, and jobseekers about the status and recent history of Healthcare careers and the Healthcare and Social Assistance Sector in the Commonwealth. It examines changes since 2007 in the wide range of jobs that make up the healthcare workforce and is available for download by clicking the link below.

PDF Download the Massachusetts Healthcare Chartbook

2012: Nursing Education Redesign Grant Program

The DHE's Nursing Education Redesign Grants for FY2012 totalled nearly $195,000. A one-page summary is provided for each.

2011: Nursing Education Redesign Grant Program

DHE awarded over $242,000 as part of the Nursing Education Redesign Grant Program to continue the development of innovations in all aspects of nursing education and especially to expand the scope and scale of successful, prior pilot projects.

The list of awards is as follows:

2008 & 2009: Increasing Faculty through Nurse Scholars Program

In collaboration with the Massachusetts Hospital Association, the Tufts Health Plan Foundation has provided $350,000 over 2 years to support the Nursing Initiative's efforts to increase the number of qualified faculty in nursing programs. To date, eighteen scholarships have been provided to current clinical nurses who are enrolled in masters or doctoral nursing programs and who have committed to teach upon graduation.

More information describing this program:
Patient CareLink
Massachusetts Hospitals Association

2006 Grants

The FY2006 funding priority was increasing the number of Massachusetts higher education clinical and academic nursing faculty. Click here for detailed information on the grants awarded.

2005 Grants

The Board of Higher Education was given $500,000 in the fall 2005 supplemental budget for the Nursing Initiative. The FY2005 funding priorities were established in consultation with stakeholders by identifying best practices from the Nursing Career Ladder Initiative and assessing the results of the Board of Higher Education's analysis of health care industry and public higher education partnerships. Click here for detailed information on the grants awarded.

In addition, the Nursing Initiative has supported development of the Centralized Clinical Placement System and a working group to discuss the Nurse of the Future.