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Massachusetts STEM Plan: STEM 2.0: Expanding the Pipeline for All

Cover of STEM Plan 2.0In November 2013, the Massachusetts STEM Advisory Council released an updated strategic plan for tying economic development to educational enhancement in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) at the annual Massachusetts STEM Summit at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough.

STEM Plan 2.0, known as “Expanding the Pipeline for All: Massachusetts' Plan for Excellence in STEM Education,” provides policymakers, educators, businesses, and parents with a common vision on how to move forward together to create a STEM literate citizenry that is informed and prepared to fill the needs of a new and ever changing innovative economy. The Plan includes concrete strategies to realize this vision with a particular focus on advancing these five statewide goals:

  1. Increase student interest in STEM areas;
  2. Increase student achievement among all Pre-K-12 students in order to prepare graduates to be civically and college and/or career ready;
  3. Increase the percentage of skilled educators who teach Pre-K-16 STEM classes;
  4. Increase the percent of students completing post-secondary degrees or certificates in STEM subjects; and
  5. STEM degrees and certificate attainment will be aligned with corresponding opportunity in STEM-related fields to match the state’s workforce needs for a STEM talent pipeline.

STEM Plan 2.0 is supported at all levels of state government, and in the words of Governor Patrick, “Sustaining and widening Massachusetts’ leadership in STEM is in not only our collective economic self-interest, but it is our generational responsibility to provide the best possible opportunities to stimulate the minds and broaden the potential of our children and grandchildren.”

>> Download STEM Plan 2.0 (.PDF: 3MB)
>> Read the press release

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