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Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

Students Massasoit Community College's Summer Science Program.
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MA DESE STEM Teacher Advisory Council

The STEM Advisory Council advises the Commissioner of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and the Board of Education on matters pertinent to science, technology/engineering and mathematics (STEM) education in the Commonwealth. With public and professional input, the Council assesses statewide trends and needs; analyzes information regarding STEM education; advises and makes recommendations regarding legislation, regulations, and program guidelines pertinent to STEM education, and provides other programmatic recommendations as it deems necessary to fulfill the goals for STEM education established by the Board of Education.

The review of the Massachusetts Science and Technology/Engineering (STE) Curriculum Framework started in spring 2009, and is now anticipated to be completed SY 2015-16. This page is intended to provide an overview, timeline, and periodic updates on the review process, related documents, and drafts for public comment.

At the October 2013 ESE Board meeting the Department laid out the timeline for moving forward with revised Science and Technology/Engineering standards. The Department will make the draft revised standards public but will not be moving them forward to a public adoption process until the 2015-16 school year. This provides guidance on the key directions the revised STE standards will represent and illustrates that they support broader ESE initiatives, such as college and career readiness, while recognizing that many districts are already engaged in multiple major initiatives. Districts have the opportunity to do planning and curriculum work with the draft revised standards prior to formal adoption and implementation. It is important to note that the current STE standards remain in effect and the STE MCAS remains aligned to the current STE standards. Each district will make its own decision about whether and/or how to use the draft revised standards until formal adoption.

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