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About the @Scale Grant Program

The STEM Advisory Council created the @Scale program in 2010 in order to focus public and private resources on a set of high quality STEM pipeline projects that are aligned with the goals outlined in the Commonwealth’s STEM Plan. All @Scale projects have a history of successful outcomes and the ability to be easily replicated and brought to scale.

What are the Characteristics of @Scale Projects?

Projects selected by the MA STEM Advisory Council to be part of the @Scale portfolio exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Meet existing state standards & policies
  • Have responsible grantee histories
  • Exhibit best practice methods
  • Are well established
  • Are ready to, and designed for, scale - growth or replication
  • Are sustainable without @Scale funds
  • Have the ability to attract external resources
  • Benefit students, educators, and/or workforce
  • Demonstrate clear potential for desired outcomes
  • Have necessary partnerships
  • Are committed to evaluation

For details, download PDF @Scale Project Characteristics

How are @Scale Grants Chosen?

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