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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Information and Resources

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Past RFP's

The Massachusetts Department of Higher Education (DHE) issued this RFP in December 2015 for consultant services to support an assessment of existing state policies and procedures on campus violence prevention and response. Working with a Campus Safety and Violence Prevention Task Force, the consultant will make recommendations to help enhance public and private higher education institutions’ efforts to properly identify, prevent, and respond to campus violence, with a special focus on campus sexual violence.

Specific Goals and Outcomes

One or more consultants will assist the DHE in reviewing the Board of Higher Education’s 2008 “best practice” recommendations on campus safety and violence prevention with the goals of:

  1. assessing the status of implementation at the Commonwealth’s 29 public higher education institutions;
  2. evaluating the currency and relevancy of the recommendations as they relate to active shooter prevention and response, and amending the recommendations as necessary;
  3. amending the recommendations to appropriately incorporate new guidance and best practice recommendations on identifying, preventing, reporting and responding to campus sexual violence, including protecting minors on campus;
  4. ensuring that any final recommendations encourage cultural sensitivity by, among other things, using inclusive language and assessing response guidelines on hate crimes and incidents of bias against members of protected classes; and
  5. offering any other recommendations, including recommendations on emerging technologies and budgetary recommendations, regarding how Massachusetts public and private higher education institutions can best improve their campus security and violence prevention efforts.
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