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STEM Pipeline Fund

Springfield Public Schools student uses a Van Der Graff generator at a STEM-themed Go Public! college fair

In 2003, the Massachusetts State Legislature created the STEM Pipeline Fund to address the growing talent shortage of STEM workers and designated the Department of Higher Education as the administrator of the fund. The broad purpose of the original STEM Pipeline Fund legislation (Section 30 of the Economic Stimulus Act) was to “increase the number of students who participate in programs that support careers related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics.” This broad purpose was translated into the following goals:

The STEM Pipeline Fund is dependent on an annual appropriation from the state legislature.

In 2004, the first major expenditure from the STEM Pipeline Fund went towards planning grants to establish seven Regional PreK-16 Networks (Networks). Massachusetts now has nine Regional STEM Networks covering the entire Commonwealth. To learn more about the Regional STEM Networks, click here.

In 2014, the STEM Pipeline Fund has been used to support:



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This website is supported by the STEM Pipeline Fund, a state trust account administered by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education to support STEM initiatives.