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Taking a Fresh Look at Assessment & Accountability

A Systemwide Performance Measurement Task Force will begin meeting in early 2017 to review existing accountability efforts, including the Performance Measurement System and Vision Project, and make recommendations for the future form and content of performance reports on Massachusetts community colleges and state universities.

The Task Force

On December 6, 2016, the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education (BHE) charged the DHE with initiating a Systemwide Performance Measurement Task Force, which will include representatives from the college & university campuses and executive offices, the BHE, and the Executive Office of Education. Commissioner Santiago will soon send a request to presidents to nominate members. The Task Force will meet throughout 2017, as a whole and in subcommittees, to generate a proposal to the BHE by December 2017.

How We Report on Performance

The Task Force will review the Performance Measurement System (2003–2009) and Vision Project (2010–present), the DHE’s two primary frameworks for accountability reporting in recent history.

Metrics & Goals: What Gets Measured

The Task Force will make recommendations to eliminate metrics that are no longer accurate or relevant, to incorporate newer metrics and standards that are found to enrich and expand analyses, and to improve approaches to benchmarking the performance of institutions. Metrics that are typically measured include access, affordability, graduation & student success, learning outcomes, fiscal efficiency & stewardship, employment outcomes, and achievement & opportunity gaps.

What Else Is Essential to Accountability?

Other priorities for the Task Force will include improving the utility of institutional reports, with enhanced analyses and access to useful information, and providing open, timely access to analyses.

Interested in More Detail?

View the BHE Motion PDF initiating the Task Force and the full presentation Slideshare.