our data insights

Performance Measurement Reporting System

Performance Measurement Reporting System

A new data tool to prompt constructive conversations about performance and accountability between and among DHE, our public colleges and universities, legislators and others, and to contribute to the discovery of insights that point to actions that lead to results.

our policy work

Strategic Initiatives and Programs

Strategic Initiatives and Programs

Our portfolio of projects and programs designed to transform Massachusetts’ higher education landscape and deliver benefits for our stakeholders.

our next move

A New Vision: Equity

A New Vision: Equity

Collaboration and research is underway to produce a new systemwide strategic plan, launching in 2020, that places equity for underrepresented populations as the top performance and policy priority for Massachusetts public higher education.

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Apr 22

Executive Committee Meeting

Apr 23

Presidential Interview: Candidate #3 for President of Fitchburg State University

Apr 25

Student Advisory Council Meeting and Elections

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