Institutional Transitions & Closures

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Over the last several years, the Department of Higher Education has overseen the closure of a large number of independent institutions of higher education in the Commonwealth. As a result, the Department has developed a protocol for institutional closure which serves to support institutions to meet the challenges of closing and/or merging while at the same time ensuring that students are protected and provided with opportunities to complete their education via a teach-out plan or through transfer to another institution.

Massachusetts law requires an institution that has decided to close to notify the Board of Higher Education of its intention to close as early as possible and well in advance of closure by contacting the Department of Higher Education. The Department also strongly encourages an institution exploring its options, including the possibility of closure, to reach out to the Department prior to any final decision to discuss the closure process and receive answers to any questions. Please contact Kristen Stone, Director for Academic and Veterans Affairs, at with any inquiries regarding institutional closure.

An institution that has decided to close should review the Department’s Notice of Closure Guidelines and must adhere to them throughout the closure process.

A closing institution must complete a Notice of Closure, available in the Department’s EDvera portal. The development of the Notice of Closure is an iterative process, and a closing institution is encouraged to submit a first draft of the Notice of Closure as early as possible.

Public Notices

Below is a compilation of public notifications related to transitions and closures of Massachusetts institutions of higher education. Please note that institutions identified as at risk of imminent closure through the FARM process are listed here.

Notifications Issued by Institutions

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