Processing Termination of Employment

Definition of Termination
Processing Termination
Date of Termination

Definition of Termination

If a Participant's employment ceases during or at the end of a semester and the institution does not reasonably expect the Participant's employment to resume or continue with the next semester, then that Participant's employment is considered terminated.

Processing Termination

To process a Participant's termination of employment, Campus Administrators must:

  1. Provide Insurance Conversion Forms to the Participant;
  2. Provide GIC Retiree information, if necessary, and
  3. Report the termination to the Plan Administrator.

Provide Insurance Conversion Form to Participant

For every Active Participant who terminates employment with the Commonwealth, the Campus Administrator must, immediately upon termination:

  1. Complete the top section of the PDF Group Life Insurance Conversion Form and the PDF Long-Term Disability Conversion Form ; and
  2. Provide both forms to the Participant.

Participants have only 30 days after their date of termination to submit their conversion applications to the insurance provider.

Provide GIC Retiree Information

If the Participant will become a Retiree for GIC purposes, there are additional steps that the Participant must take after termination of employment. These are outlined in the How Participants Secure GIC Post-Employment Benefits section.

Report Termination to Plan Administrator

To report a Participant's termination to the Plan Administrator, Campus Administrators must use the Status Change form for termination of employment.

Date of Termination

When a Campus Administrator determines that a Participant has terminated employment, the Date of Termination reported to the Plan Administrator should be one of these dates: