Student Learning Outcomes

UMass Amherst students sit at a table in a classroom.

Research shows that the best way to determine what college students know and can do is to examine their learning outcomes from multiple viewpoints. Massachusetts is part of a national effort to develop student learning assessment tools that capture the complexity of college learning better than a single standardized test, and allows for comparisons between public campuses in the state and similiar institutions in other states. Though the work is challenging, being able to assess and compare student learning will improve teaching and help campuses not only identify problem areas but understand how to solve them.

Learning Outcomes Assessment Initiatives

The Massachusetts Board of Higher Education leads and participates in a number of efforts to advance student learning assessment.

Campus Level

AMCOA advances assessment of student learning on public campuses; strengthens campus assessment capabilities

State Level

The Task Force on Statewide Assessment provides broad oversight for statewide assessment in Massachusetts

National Level

A steering committee represents Massachusetts in the Multi-State Collaborative, a consortium within the VALUE Institute, to develop multi-state program of assessment.

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