Student Board Member Positions

The Student Advisory Council annually accepts applications for the positions of:

Student Member of the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education 
Student Advisor to the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education

Student Member—One position open to a UMass student

The Student Member will serve for the 2018–2019 academic year as a full and equal voting member of the Board. This is a tremendous opportunity to weigh in on issues such as funding priorities for the public higher education system and quality of academic programs, as well as to learn about the initiatives of the colleges and universities and the Department of Higher Education to address students' college readiness, college-going and college success rates, and readiness to enter the workforce upon college completion.

The Board of Higher Education meets at least six times per year, generally on campuses within the public higher education system. Additionally, the Student Member would be assigned to one of the three standing committees of the Board, which generally meet in Boston the week prior to any scheduled Board meeting.

For the 2018–2019 academic year, the Student Member must be enrolled at one of the five University of Massachusetts campuses. Each year, the BHE Student Member is selected, on a rotating basis, from among the three segments of the public higher education system—either the community colleges, the state universities, or UMass. With a state university student serving in the 2017–2018 year, it will next be UMass’ turn.

Application Requirements

Details on the application and interview process are typically announced in March or April. Please check back then for more information.

Student Advisors—Two positions; one open to a community college student, one open to a state university student

While the voting Student Member position must be a UMass student in 2018–2019 year, the Student Advisory Council will also choose one community college student and one state university student to serve as Student Advisors to the Board. The Student Advisors are permitted to be full participants in all meetings and policy discussions, with the only exception being that they are not permitted to vote on motions before the Board.

The application and interview process for the Student Advisor position will be announced early in the fall 2018 semester.


If you have questions please contact Stacy Bougie, at (617) 994-6961 or