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Admissions Requirements

Below you will find an overview of minimum academic requirements for Massachusetts State Universities, UMass campuses and community colleges. For information on admissions standards, contact the school's admissions office or go to the campus directory for the average high school GPA of incoming first-year students at each campus.

State University System and UMass Minimum Admissions Requirements

The admissions standards for the state universities and UMass emphasize a strong academic high school background so that students enter college ready to learn. These standards represent minimum requirements; meeting them does not guarantee admission, since campus officials consider a wide range of factors in admissions decisions. Students shall have fulfilled all requirements for the high school diploma or its equivalent upon enrollment.

PDF Admissions Standards Guidance Document
PDF Admissions Standards FAQs

It is important to note that admissions standards differ; contacting the colleges directly may provide additional information.

* Please note admissions standards are increasing for the classes entering college in fall 2016 and fall 2017! See the chart below and review the Comprehensive Admissions Standards Guide to learn more about the changes, and talk with your guidance counselor about what you need to do to prepare.

requirement for college freshman class entering 2012-2017

Community College Admissions Requirements

The Massachusetts Community Colleges are committed to an open admission policy. Residents who have earned a high school diploma, GED, associate degree or higher have the opportunity to enroll in a degree or certificate program. Please note that admission to some programs is competitive or may require the completion of prerequisite courses, and some programs have additional requirements including specific deadlines. For more information, contact the school's admissions office.