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Revere, MA 02151

Customized Driving Directions are available via Google Maps.

> Driving from the North
> Alternative route from the North
> From the South
> From the West

From the North:

Take I-93 South. Exit I-93 via ramp at sign reading " Exit 31 RT-16 E to Revere". You will come to a set of lights. Take a left onto RT-16 and head East through 14 sets of lights (about a 15 min drive with light traffic). Bear right onto ramp at sign reading "RT-107 N Broadway to Revere/Chelsea" (exit is about 1/4 mile after the last set of lights and an overpass). You will see lights directly in front of you. The M.D.C. skating rink is directly in front of you across the street. Turn left at lights onto RT-107, Broadway and go Northeast through 3 sets of lights and 454 Broadway will be on your left after Walgreens.

Alternative route from the North:

Take US-1 (Route 1) South. Exit Route 1 via ramp at sign reading RT-60 to Malden / Revere and continue down the off-ramp until you reach a rotary (about 1/8 mile). The Revere Showcase Cinemas will be on your right. Continue through the rotary (almost all the way around it) and turn right on RT-60 (Squire Rd.) at sign reading RT-60 E to Revere / Sumner Tunnel, (it's the last right you can take before hitting the onramp for Route 1 North). Head Southeast through 2 sets of lights. After the last set of lights you will wind up at another rotary. At the rotary take you first right and you will now be on Broadway (RT-107). (You will see a Video craze video store to your right). Continue Southwest through 3 sets of lights and 454 Broadway will be on you right hand side before Walgreens.

From the South:

Take I-93 North. Exit I-93 at Exit 27 Tobin Bridge, Route 1 N, this is a left exit off the Leonard Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge. Continue over bridge to Route 1 N. Exit Route 1N at Route 16 East to 1A Revere Beach Parkway, Lynn, merge onto Route 16, take the first exit 107, Broadway, Revere, Chelsea (exit is on right after entrance to Shopping Mall, exit sign is small). Take a left at the set of lights at the end of ramp (about 1/8 mile), this is Broadway, continue through 3 sets of lights, 454 Broadway will be on your left hand side after Walgreens.

From the West:

Take I-90 (Mass Pike) East. Continue on I-90 passing through the Ted Williams Tunnel. Exit the tunnel bearing left brings you to RT-1A. Go Northeast through 2 sets of lights (about a 10 min drive with light traffic, get into the right hand lane). At the 3rd set of lights you will wind up at a rotary (Timothy J Mahoney Cir). Enter rotary by bearing to the right and continue around 3/4 of the way. Bear right (it's the third right in the rotary) onto Beach St. (see used car lot to your right) and continue down Beach St. until you come to a set of lights (about 1-2 mins from the rotary). At light bear slightly right on Central Ave. and continue down Central Ave. until you hit another set of lights (about 1/8 mile). At lights turn right on Broadway, RT-107 and you will see 454 Broadway on your left after Walgreens