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Vision Project Key Outcome Areas

To focus our activities and track our progress, we have identified seven key outcomes in which Massachusetts needs to be a leader among state systems of higher education:

COLLEGE PARTICIPATION: Raising the percentage of high school graduates going to college, and the readiness of these students for college-level work.

COLLEGE COMPLETION: Increasing the percentage of students who complete degree and certificate programs.

STUDENT LEARNING: Achieving higher levels of student learning through better assessment and more extensive use of assessment results.

WORKFORCE ALIGNMENT: Aligning degree and certificate programs with the needs of statewide, regional and local employers.

PREPARING CITIZENS: Providing students with the knowledge,skills and dispositions to be active, informed citizens.

CLOSING ACHIEVEMENT GAPS: Closing achievement gaps among students from different ethnic, racial and income groups in all areas of educational progress.

RESEARCH: Conducting research that drives economic development.

While our work is guided and measured by all seven key outcomes, our latest Vision Project Report outlines a focus on boosting completion rates, closing achievement gaps, and attracting and graduating more students from underserved populations. To learn more about the "Big Three" Completion Plan, click here.